Atlas Landfill

Atlas Landfill

Walker Environmental's Atlas Landfill provides our customers with a licensed disposal option for contaminated soils and soil-like wastes. Located in Welland, this site has a disposal capacity of 5,000 tonnes/day. 

Atlas is a private-public partnership with the City of Welland intended to provide environmental protection from a site that was abandoned by its previous owner.

The City of Welland was assigned responsibility of the land and asked to prevent the discharge of leachate into the Welland River.

The City of Welland entrusted this project to Walker Environmental who secured environmental approvals, invested capital, re-mediated the site and have a 10 year operating agreement with the City of Welland.


  • 14 hectares (34 acre) landfill facility for non-hazardous soil-like wastes
  • Accepts soil-like, non-hazardous solid waste
  • Disposal capacity of 5,000 tonnes/day
  • Operated as a partnership with the City of Welland
  • Designed as a public parkland end-use