Organic Recycling Solutions

The Organic Resource Recovery System (ORRS) is an on-site organic waste management system that grinds solid food waste into “slurry” thereby reducing the waste volume by up to 80%. The waste slurry is discharged into a holding tank where it is stored until it is collected by a vacuum truck. This slurry is then transported to an on-farm anaerobic digester where it is used as a feedstock for the production of renewable energy. As a result, the ORRS program is turning leftovers into lights.

Diagram of Organics Recycling

Diagram of Organics Recycling


  • Small footprint - approx. H: 6’ x W 6’ x D: 4’
  • Less bins and totes are required
  • Reduce odours
  • Decreases flies and vermin
  • Wide range of acceptable material
  • Convenient collection and flexible service windows
  • Extends compactor life by reducing the amount of liquid that goes into it
  • Reduces total volumes of waste
  • Increases diversion rates
  • Accurate diversion measurements
  • Encourages employee engagement on diversion