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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy reduces our carbon footprint, lessens the load on our electrical grid and lowers our demand for fossil fuels. Developing renewable energy sources just makes sense.

Walker Environmental harnesses the power of renewable energy. Our landfill gas utilization plants use the methane in landfill gas to produce both heat and electricity that is used by local industries or fed into the local grid. We turn an environmental liability into a renewable energy asset.

From design to approval through to construction and operation, Walker Environmental has the expertise to develop a solution to your alternative energy needs. We have the industry-specific knowledge to navigate through all aspects of a project including; regulatory, ownership and financing along with long-term power purchase agreements.


  • Canada’s Leading Landfill Gas Utilization Company
  • Four Electricity Generating Plants
    • 120,000 MWh of electricity – enough to power approximately 11,000 Canadian homes for one year
  • One Direct Use Plant
    • 2.1 million GJ production capacity – enough to heat approximately 23,000 Canadian homes for one year
  • >1,00,000 tonnes of CO2 (equivalent) emissions reduced annually