Recycling Depot HeaderFrequently Asked Questions

Are you open on holidays?

No, the residential drop-off is closed on all holidays and operates under special hours during Christmas holidays. Check the Hours of Operation page for more information.

I just took down my shed, can I bring it to your facility?

Yes we accept clean wood (not painted or pressure treated) at the wood disposal rate (see pricing page for current pricing). If it has been manufactured (plywood), painted or pressure treated, it cannot be recycled and will be considered “waste” and you will be charged the waste disposal rate.

Do you accept asbestos?

Unfortunately we do not accept asbestos. You can contact our landfill division site, Niagara Waste Systems Limited for approval/pricing information.

Do you accept used tires?

As a registered collector with the Resource Productivity & Recovery Authority, we accept passenger car and light truck tires (with and without rims) from residents of Niagara, free of charge. There is a limit of 10 tires per trip.

I have an old, television set, where can I bring it?

You can bring your old televisions, computers, monitors, speakers and other electronic equipment to our facility. As a collector with the Ontario Electronic Stewardship (WEEE program) disposal is free of charge. Limit of 5 items per category (computers/TVs, monitors, peripherals).

I dug up my garden, can I bring the soil to your facility?

We accept soil/sod at the current waste rate (see pricing page for current rates).

What do I do with my hazardous waste? (Paint, cleaners, etc).

The Region of Niagara holds hazardous waste days throughout the year and operates multiple hazardous waste drop-off depots year-round. Check out their website for more information:

Do you accept fridges/water coolers?

We accept water coolers, fridges, freezers, dehumidifiers, etc. at our facility. You will be charged $25 per unit as we need to have the refrigerant removed from the item before it can be disposed of.

Your pricing is by the metric tonne, what if I don't have a full tonne of waste?

You will be weighed on the inbound and outbound and your waste disposal rate will be calculated on your disposal volume. There is a minimum charge of $10.

I have a question or comment regarding your facility/staff, who should I call?

We’d love to hear from you! Please call our Customer Service Line at 905-680-3745.

I ripped up my concrete walk way, how much do you charge for disposal?

We accept clean concrete/asphalt, interlocking brick, cinder blocks, etc. for $15/mt flat rate. If it’s red brick or has rebar in it, it can’t be recycled at our facility and will be considered waste.

I have shingles from my roof, do you accept them?

Yes, we accept shingles at a special disposal rate. Please see the pricing page for current shingle disposal rate.)

What is considered leaf and yard waste?

Branches, leaves, bushes, brush, clippings and grass are all considered leaf and yard waste. For residents of Niagara, disposal is free. Contractors will be charged “Contractor leaf and yard waste” rate.

What do I have to do on the scale?

When the traffic light is green, please proceed to the Scalehouse window. An attendant will greet you and ask you a few questions:

Where are you from and what are you bringing in (If you have a mixed load, you can dispose of one material type and re-board the scale to keep the weights/disposal rates separate.)