Walker Environmental Woodbridge Receives Token of Appreciation from Local Women’s Shelter

The Walker Environmental Woodbridge location received a token of appreciation last month for their contributions to the Empowerment Through Achievement (ETA) Vaughan Women’s Shelter.

Walker Environmental employees in Woodbridge show us the tokens they received for doing great work!

Walker Environmental employees in Woodbridge show us the token they received for doing great work!

The ETA Vaughan Women’s Shelter is a non-profit organization that provides emergency shelter, counselling and support to women, youth and children from all demographics. The shelter provides emergency care to many women and children fleeing abuse, and offers a safe and comfortable residential environment for families to access resources and support.

In October, the Woodbridge location participated in a division-wide week of giving as part of their #WalkerGivesBack campaign. During this week, all Walker Environmental locations were encouraged to support important philanthropic initiatives in their communities. Many locations participated by volunteering and donating to local non-profit organizations.

Through this campaign, the Woodbridge team connected with the ETA Vaughan Women’s Shelter in one of their efforts to give back to the community. They were able to provide them with much-needed items to support the families currently living in the shelter.

“Seeing the strength and courage of these people and these families was a humbling experience,” said Stephany Capogna, Sales Manager of Walker Environmental’s Woodbridge location. “Knowing that ETA Vaughan is actively working on improving these lives, and trying to break the cycle of abuse is inspiring to us. Donating some household essentials was a small thing we could do that would go a long way to helping their cause.”

While Walker’s week of giving came to an end, the Woodbridge location’s support of the women’s shelter did not.
Walker Environmental continued to contribute to the organization throughout the Christmas season, and are currently collecting donations for the organization’s upcoming Youth Empowerment Night in March.

“Margaret Mead once said, ‘never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has,’” quoted Callie Cirella, Manager of ETA Vaughan Women’s Shelter. “I think this quote represents the overwhelming determination and benevolence of the management and staff at Walker Environmental. Every contribution made a difference in the lives of the women, youth and children we serve.”

Walker Environmental was happy to accept the token of appreciation from the ETA Vaughan Women’s Shelter, and looks forward to continuing to support the organization’s efforts in the future.

A big congratulation goes out to all the employees at our Woodbridge location who contributed to this great cause.