Walker Industries purchases N-Viro

May 1, 2014
Walker Industries goes cross Canada with Organics Recycling

NIAGARA FALLS – Today, Walker Industries finalized the purchase of N-Viro® Systems Canada LP (N-Viro®).  Since 2007, Walker has operated the Niagara Biosolids facility in Thorold, Ontario in partnership with N-Viro®.  The Thorold facility was recently presented with the Exemplary Biosolids Management Award from the Water Environment Association of Ontario.

Niagara Biosolids PlantWalker Industries has a history of providing support for municipal waste diversion programs. The purchase of N-Viro® provides an opportunity for Walker to expand its support of municipal wastewater treatment infrastructure with a focus on beneficial re-use. N-Viro® holds several Canadian patents, licenses and trademarks related to biosolids products and processing technology. N-Viro® will become part of the Walker Environmental (WE) division under the direction of Executive Vice-President Mike Watt.

“The purchase of N-Viro® represents the latest piece in the development of our comprehensive organics strategy and focus.  The technology provides us one more tool in our basket of biosolids treatment options for our clients.  It also broadens our geographic base across Canada, specifically Halifax, Sudbury and Banff,” Watt says.

N-Viro’s core business processes dewatered biosolids and source separated organics from various municipalities using the N-Viro® patented Advanced Alkaline Stabilization process.

The products resulting from the process, sold under the name N-Rich®, are approved for use as fertilizers or soil amendments by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency under the Federal Fertilizers Act and are sold to fertilizer distributors, soil manufacturers and land reclamation projects. N-Viro® operates certified biosolids management facilities in Leamington, Thorold, Sarnia, Halifax, Banff and Sudbury.

About Walker Industries

Walker Industries is a 5th generation, family owned company with a focus on aggregates, emulsions and sustainable environmental solutions. It is known for its philanthropy and ‘above and beyond’ service to its customers and communities.

Walker Environmental offers a wide range of environmental waste solutions for private, public and government agencies as well as waste disposal and recycling for industrial, commercial and residential customers of southern Ontario. Businesses operated by Walker’s WE division include two landfills, a waste transfer facility, a biosolids plant, a composting facility, four food and residual organic processing facilities, landfill gas projects in Ontario and Manitoba, and a company that hauls industrial, commercial and institutional waste. WE is one of Ontario’s largest handlers of non-hazardous waste.

For more information, please contact Mike Watt, Vice-President, Walker Environmental ,

905-680-3752 or via email at mwatt@walkerind.com.