Walker Industries Open House

Walker Industries Open HOn June 12th Walker Industries opened the doors of its Niagara Falls/Thorold waste and aggregate Campus.  The event was attended by those who were curious about how the quarry, landfill and composting facilities work; how landfill gas is harnessed and used as renewable energy and how Walker treats Niagara’s wastewater treatment biosolids.

Visitors to the open house learned:

  • How Niagara Region’s green bin waste is composted.
  • That blasted rock is called “muck”
  • Every Ontarian uses about 14 tonnes of aggregate each year
  • How recycled asphalt is used to re-surface roads
  • What an emulsion is
  • Why there are waste transfer stations
  • What a double composite landfill liner is
  • That Walker has an electrical generator operating on landfill gas that provide enough power for approximately 1,000 homes