Walker Publishes 2013 Sustainability Report


A Letter from President and CEO John Fisher:

This, our first sustainability report, is an opportunity to talk about what we have accomplished as well as set the tone for shaping our future. As a fifth generation family owned company, sustainability has been part of the Walker culture for generations.

The company’s success has been a result of taking a generational view in decision making and understanding that in order for the company to thrive, our communities, our environment and our people must also be thriving – not just today but into the future. The values that were established early by the Walker family guide our decisions. These values have provided us with a solid foundation upon which to grow the company.

Sharing our information in this first sustainability report takes us a step further in our commitment to creating a more sustainable future. We are proud of our performance record so far and continually look for opportunities to improve. Our sustainability reporting provides a level of transparency and also holds us accountable to our communities, our partners and our future generations.

This first report provides our sustainability baseline – a summary of our performance to date – and it sets goals to shape our future. We hope that it sparks some dialogue. It is conversations about things that matter that foster change.

Thank you for your interest in our company and our approach to sustainability.

Click here to view our 2013 Sustainability Report.


John Fisher, President and CEO