Walker Industries Publishes 2014 Sustainability Report

Walker Industries is excited and proud to be publishing its second annual sustainability report. The Company’s Sustainability Model was developed by the employees to integrate sustainability into their business decisions. The Model depicts all of the important elements of managing a sustainable business and gives a sense of the level of complexity that is involved to do it right.

“It is our hope that the many stories which make up this year’s report will bring to life our approach to sustainability” said President and CEO, John Fisher. “We have learned over time that building a sustainable business never really reaches an end point, but rather needs to be viewed as a work in progress, with an ongoing commitment by all of our employees to provide energy, innovative thinking, and a willingness to shape our future.”

The 2014 Walker Industries Sustainability Report includes great stories on what the company does to support its sustainability goals to:
• grow and strengthen the company
• focus on sustainable energy and carbon management
• grow its waste diversion businesses
• increase the percentage of revenue from innovative and sustainable products & services
• nurture a sense of belonging
• publish an annual sustainability report

Click here to view the 2014 reportt.