Walker Environmental Wins Prestigious Award for Biosolids Management

On April 7, 2014 Walker Environmental Inc. (WE) was presented with the prestigious Water Environment Association of Ontario (WEAO) Exemplary Biosolids Management Award celebrating the success of the Niagara Biosolids Facility located at Walker’s campus in Thorold.

The WEAO, made up of professionals from the water and wastewater industry, is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of Ontario’s water environment. A ceremony was held at their annual conference in London, where WE was presented with the award in the full-scale operating project category.

simcoe-mapWEAO praised WE’s program in a statement delivered to local politicians and business organizations:

“Walker Environmental Inc. operates a full-scale biosolids management program in Niagara Region that exceeds regulatory requirements and industry standards. They have demonstrated that their product and program contribute to sustainability of biosolids use; they have minimized nuisances associated with biosolids management and improved neighbour relations, and generally contributed to the goodwill of other programs in Ontario. Their program is well established and costeffective, and their practices are transferrable to other programs in Ontario.”

Executive Vice-President Mike Watt and Organics General Manager Geoff Boyd accepted the award on behalf of WE.

It’s a testament to the reliability and the success of the plant,” Watt said of the award. “We’re pretty happy about it. It’s a big deal for us.”

The Biosolids Facility opened in 2007 and processes the organic residuals (known as biosolids) from wastewater treatment plants and turns them into a safe, nutrient-rich fertilizer known as N-Rich®. N-Rich® is valued by farmers across Southern Ontario for both its nutrient content and pH adjustment properties. In 2013, over 26,000 tonnes of N-Rich® were produced and sold to fertilizer distributors.

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