WE aids in Mucci Farms Certification

Mucci Sustainability Staff

Mucci Farms, a greenhouse vegetable producer/packer/shipper, is excited to announce that two of its facilities are now Carbonzero Certified. With over 150 acres of greenhouse operations, Mucci Farms is committed to environmental stewardship as it is the only greenhouse to achieve Carbonzero Certified status.

MucciRecently, Mucci partnered with Carbonzero to achieve Carbonzero Certification for their Mucci Pac and REMASCO facilities, as well as emissions from Mucci Pac delivery fleet. To accomplish this, Mucci worked with Walker Environmental and Carbonzero to determine the carbon footprint from such activities as electricity, natural gas fleet delivery vehicle usage. Having a firm understanding of their carbon footprint will help Mucci reduce its environmental impact, further illustrating their stewardship commitments.

In order to take responsibility for their carbon footprint, Mucci has acquired high-quality, Ontario-based carbon offsets to neutralize the footprint of the Mucci Pac and Remasco facilities.  A firm believer in the importance of reducing its direct environmental impact, through their greenERhouse™ program, Mucci has implemented a number of green intiatives, including: reducing emissions by 5%/yr from 2011-2015, using alternative fuels, recycling plant growing media, usage of an automated energy and sustainability tracking software and becoming independently certified for not growing genetically modified foods.

“Given the scale and intensity of our modern greenhouse operations, it is only right for our employees, customers, and local community to demand, and incumbent upon us to implement bold measures to account for and minimize our environmental impacts,” notes Jim Gallant, VP Operations & Engineering at REMASCO, “Such burden Mucci Farms most willingly and gladly accepts while leading and promoting our industry by doing so.”

Our greenERhouse™ program is taking the most important first steps of measuring and understanding how everything we do as a company including our practices, products and packaging impact our environment and our carbon footprint,” Joe Spano, VP of Sales at Mucci commented, “By doing so, we can now mange it and reduce it. This Certification is a tremendous achievement for the entire Mucci Farms team and I would like to offer my congratulations on a job well done.”

Mucci Farms Carbon Zero CertifiedWalker Environmental was instrumental in the collection of data and calculation of the footprint. “We are excited to be a part of the Mucci Group’s journey to Carbonzero Certification and would like to congratulate them on their achievement,” remarks Mike Watt, VP at Walker Environmental . “Calculating the greenhouse gas impact of business activities will allow the group to use carbon as a driver for continuous environmental improvement and is a great compliment to their new greenERhouse™ program.”

Carbonzero offers the certification to organizations that successfully demonstrate carbon neutrality while following a specific framework. “Carbonzero has helped many organizations advance their sustainability initiatives by becoming carbon neutral,” notes Dan Fraleigh, Chief Operating Officer at Carbonzero. “What we’ve seen from working with the Mucci team is that they’re passionate and dedicated to looking at all aspects of their business to enhance sustainability. As a result, Carbonzero is proud to work with such a socially responsible partner in Mucci Farms.”

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